Peak Performance Promotions

With many years of consultancy experience both nationally and internationally, we possess the ability to deliver the highest quality of presentations…. every time.

We are able to tailor your presentations capturing your specific and unique needs. By doing this you will achieve the results that you desire.

Our team of industry specialists deliver professional, innovative and worthwhile learning experiences. They feature “how to’s” on sales, customer service, negotiation and goal setting skills that transform results.

Sarah Dalton

Sarah Dalton Is an Accredited Corporate Trainer, Sales Professional, Speaker, Inspirer and Motivator who is recognized as the Personal Communication Queen.

She is passionate about assisting your team members communicate, connect and work with people more effectively.

How does she do this?

By and delivering inspiring personal & professional development programs that will:

Accelerate your sales

Ignite your workplace culture

Enhance your customer engagement

Teaching teams to communicate on a personal face to face level helps people succeed personally and professionally, and it helps organizations like yours excel its performance.

Sarah believes good customer service, and good personal communication, should not be rare. It should be a standard we all aim for every day, every time!

It is her personal mission to bring back the “how to’s”, and the skills for building genuine face-to-face connections, in business and in society.

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David Jackson CSP

Inspiring, fun, motivational, a great coach and role model…these are some of the terms used to describe David. Since 1985, David has spoken to over 250,000 salespeople, managers and business owners in 8 countries on how to learn to be the best they can be.

Using easy, proven and time effective techniques, David guides his clients to a more effective and efficient method of doing business. Known as the “Sales Doctor” because of his motivational medicines, David’s clients have all recorded improvements in profits, team attitudes, productivity levels of customer service, and overall confidence.

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